It's that time of the year again, when we've had our fair share of special Oktoberfest festbiers and we begin looking for the next seasonal wave of specialty brews. It seems like only yesterday that I was drinking Summer ales, but I'm already starting to see the pumpkin beers at the corner store.

Oh, pumpkin beers. The concept has certainly been played out at this point, but their existence is necessary to remind us that we should always be pushing the limits of beer flavor. We also need to remember that our beer drinking habits should change with the seasons and never become redundant. Alas, pumpkin beers are already a bit redundant, and if you really enjoy them, it's difficult to separate the "meh" from the "mmm". To help you out, I've taken Greg Kitsock's list of this year's best pumpkin beers and added them to the Beer Wiki for your perusal. Clicking the images will take you to that beer's page. Enjoy.

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