Unless you've been living under a rock (or in a dry country), you've seen the popularity of craft beers spike in recent years. We are witnessing a craft beer revolution, as drinkers are shelling out the extra cash for unique and innovative beers instead of mass-produced watered-down suds. This widespread return to local, real ales has many possible side-effects, but one that is hotly debated is the matter of drinking vessel. But before we go any further...

From where do you prefer your favorite beers?

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I had to ask first, so you're answer would not be swayed by the following information. You may not have known, but the craft beer revolution has also sparked a trend towards bottled beers. Initially, it seems quite obvious, as microbreweries can only produce limited quantities, so most of their beers were going to homes in bottles rather than to pubs in kegs. However, now that craft breweries are popping up left and right, more bars are getting their beers on tap. This leaves us to debate which we prefer. The Guardian has a fantastic article on the subject as it pertains to the U.K., but I think in the U.S. at least, bottled beer has been giving draught beer a run for it's money for quite some time.

Obviously, the debate depends on which beer you're considering. Most Guinness fans seem to prefer it from the tap, while some bottled beers may capture flavors and characteristics that are otherwise unattainable in a keg. I think it's a case by case debate (pun intended), so comment below about a particular beer that you prefer bottled over kegged or vice versa.

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