Oatmeal,20 things to know about Beer

The Oatmeal has this great poster that has "Twenty Things worth knowing about beer", and I always try and recall as many fun facts around my friends while imbibing the nectar of the Vikings. Which is considerably difficult when I've already had my first "Quasar Double IPA" at Jupiter Brewery.

I think a couple of my favorite facts from the poster are: "In 1814, A brewery tank containing 3,500 barrels of beer ruptured causing a tidal wave of Beer through a London Parish. Two houses were demolished and nine people died." Which to a testament is incredibly sad to think about, but the image of a gigantic tidal wave of beer hitting the streets and covering a ten-block radius is a strange thing to witness I imagine. Death by beer, sad but probably the tastiest way to die.

My other favorite fact, I try and share before I order another "Howard Street IPA" at ThirstyBearBrewingCompany, and the conversation is heating up is: " The ancient Babylonians were the first to brew. In fact they took their beer so seriously, if you brewed a bad batch your punishment was to drown in it." Which is hilarious, after you've had a few beers, and once again incredibly sad. I just think of all the faces of the first beer crafters sitting around a cauldron. Everyone turns to that one guy who added a little too much of something, and all the brewers just give each other the look of disappointment. Then to watch him tossed into his creation and forced to drown in disappointment. I mean, really how bad could it have been?

You can read all the "Twenty Things Worth Knowing About Beer" at

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