Photo by Derek Hatfield

Chocolate and wine pairing has become a given, but a newer concept is pairing chocolate and even sweets like marshmallow with beer.

Beer & Pretzel Marshmallows are the newest product in the beer and pretzel line by truffle truffle , an artisan chocolatier based in Chicago. These fluffy house-made beer flavored marshmallows are concocted with Rogue's handcrafted chocolate stout. They are dipped in milk chocolate and dusted with some of the beer & pretzel brittle bits. This provides the sweet and salty, chewy and crunchy, and all around goodness all in one square!

This is not the only chocolate company to concoct beer and chocolate truffles. An Oakland sister-owned operation offers a beer truffle made with local ingredients and Rogue’s Shakespeare Stout. It also comes in a combo box with the bacon chocolate truffles made with Niman Ranch applewood smoked bacon and topped with smoky chipotle sea salt. These indulgent truffle combine many great flavors into one small chocolatey package.

So give in to your craving to try one of these sweet treats!

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