Say you’re about to revamp your website or blog, you crack open a brew and suddenly inspiration springs from the bottle like the proverbial genie – use a bottle cap motif for you social networking icons! Fortunately, Milano-born designer Andera Austoni’s twisted-off the concept in September of 2009 and created a seven pack (yeah, I thought it was weird he didn’t stop at six) of icons featuring Facebook, Twitter, Digg, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn, Reddit and Del.ico.ous. The set is free to download from Austoni’s site CuteLittleFactory, with dozens of other icon sets, from breakfast foods to mustaches.

On his site, Austoni, who now lives in Krakow, Poland, professes to “wear long hair, bell bottoms and stretchy shirts. Horizontal stripes only, thank you.” Despite his apparent predilection for specificity, there’s no word if he was putting back the national Polish brew Okocim when designing these toppers, which sort of give new meaning to the notion of “social lubrication."

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