Don't jump, it's only beer.

With echoes of Daniel Day-Lewis crowing “I drink your milkshake!” ringing in one’s ears, entrepreneur Hagan Blount is launching, a site dedicated to promoting, according to its press release, “beers from breweries who don't have large and expansive advertising budgets that focuses on creating unparalleled beer content.”

Officially launching February 1, Blount will mount a social media marketing blitz for select brews on a daily basis, featuring blogs and HD video targeted at the craft beer market. Already on the docket the first week are Weihenstephan, three days of Narragansett brews and Crispin Natural Hard Apple Cider.

To Blount’s credit, he’s refreshingly transparent about the pay-to-play nature of the placements, which he addresses forthrightly on his site. “Since the breweries pay for the spots, I'm not going to recommend or review the beer; it's just the facts,” he writes. “You'll always be able to trust this site for impartial info.”

Given the purportedly inexpensive service Blount offers, it’s likely that small breweries one might not otherwise encounter will have the opportunity to join the conversation. Will Blount be beer’s answer to online wine guru Gary Vaynerchuk? Time will tell – and hopefully that won’t be Miller time.

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