George Bros. Historic Arkansas Ale is a saison brewed by Stone's Throw Brewing.

Brewer's descriptionEdit

Little Rock’s first brewers were German-born Alexander and Henry George, who operated a biergarten in the mid-1800s on Rock Street. For the museum’s 75th anniversary, Ian Beard, Theron Cash and Leah Lambert of Stone’s Throw Brewing drew on their own research and that of our Arkansas-made team to come up with a tribute beer similar to a 19th-century George Bros. brew. The George brothers came from a warm region of Germany, which suggests that their beer would have been similar to Belgian-style farmhouse ale. Additional research revealed which brewing ingredients would have been available to the George brothers. With the addition of wild Arkansas yeast harvested by Grant Chandler (Lost Forty Brewing) from plums in Dunbar Community Garden, this 75th anniversary ale is an Arkansas-made ale of historic proportions!

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