Rogue Ales is a craft brewery based in Newport, Oregon.

Rogue is considered by beer enthusiasts to be an excellent brewery, with many of their (numerous) beers ranked among the best beers in America (especially their stouts).



Rogue distributes to 49 states and 5 countries. A few of their beers (such as Dead Guy Ale, American Amber Ale) are available in six packs, while most are found only in 22 ounce bomber bottles.


Bottles typically feature a drawing of a person enjoying a beer. Many feature the same guy in the same pose, but with a different outfit appropriate for the particular beer. The drawings are allegedly of actual persons associated with the brewery.

Named after Oregon's Rogue River, they play up the "rogue" concept in their marketing and corporate propaganda, as they try to cultivate an image of individualism and rebellion. Their marketing and rhetoric adopts the forms of social radicalism, but without the substance.

2320 OSU Drive
Newport, OR 97365