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Oktoberfest is a Märzen brewed by Leinenkugel's.


  • Type: Märzen
  • Flavoring: none
  • Alcohol by volume: 5.1%
  • Availability: September - October (in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Wyoming)
  • Packaging: longneck bottles in six- and twelve-packs; on draft
  • Malts: Blend of pale, caramel and munich

Would taste good withEdit

Any good autumnal food, or as an addition to whatever beer you just drank.


When you have sort of a upscale beer palate as I do, any ordinary craft brew is going to seem to have overly watery undertones and be, well, a little light in the snoot. But, as such beers go, Leinenkugel's Oktoberfest is a decent lager, satisfying and refreshing when you've been wanting a beer all week, or you've already had your fill of the richer more expensive beers and just want another. It's moderately fizzy, faintly fruity, and just a great autumn beverage. --Betty Pipetti

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