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Holy Moses White Ale is a Belgian wit brewed by the Great Lakes Brewing Company. It is named after Moses Cleaveland, a Connecticut native who founded Cleveland in 1796.

Stats Edit

  • Type: Belgian wit
  • Flavoring: Orange peel, chamomile and coriander
  • Alcohol by volume: 5.4%

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Mild seafood, salads and spiced/herbed dishes.

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Holy Moses label art

As you can see on this beer's company webpage, the label art is of mythic stature, although i think the sunset suggests quite a heavier sweeter ale. I love great label art, especially when getting a mixed six of singles. Intriguing visual, and a description that's actually helpful, as I like to know with these kinds of brews whether the spice is going to be too intense.

Medium body, not overly carbonated. Sweet aroma, very lightly spiced, with a pleasant hint of sourness in the aftertaste. Chamomile lends this Belgian style ale a fresh but not overpowering mouthfeel.

I will be interested to know what you think of Holy Moses White Ale if you have tried it. Right now I'm ever more convinced with each sip that CLEVELAND ROCKS!

If you'd prefer a much simpler, even smoother flavor and texture, and slightly less kick, you'll like this offering, from Kalamazoo. --User:Betty Pipetti

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