A list of breweries by country. If you know of a brewery, and its country is not listed here, please add it.

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Albania Edit

Andorra Edit

Antigua and Barbuda Edit

Argentina Edit

Armenia Edit

Australia Edit

Austria Edit

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Bahamas Edit

Bangladesh Edit

Barbados Edit

Belarus Edit

Belgium Edit

Belize Edit

Bolivia Edit

Bosnia and Herzegovina Edit

  • Sarajevska pivara- Sarajevo brewery

Brazil Edit

  • Brahma

Bulgaria Edit



Canada Edit

Chile Edit

  • Rockhopper

China Edit

Colombia Edit

Costa Rica Edit

Croatia Edit

  • Karlovačko
  • Osječko
  • Ožujsko
  • Velebitsko

Cuba Edit

Czech Republic Edit

Complete list of Czech Breweries (There are 232 of them at 08/2013)


Denmark Edit

Dominican Republic Edit


Ecuador Edit

El Salvador Edit

  • Cadejo Brewing Company [1]

England Edit

Estonia Edit


Finland Edit

France Edit


Georgia Edit

Germany Edit

see German breweries by state


Haiti Edit

Prestige Beer

Honduras Edit

  • D&D Brewery

Hong Kong Edit

Hungary Edit

  • Dreher
  • HEINEKEN Hungária
  • Borsodi
  • Pécsi Sörfőzde


Iceland Edit

India Edit

Ireland Edit

Israel Edit

Italy Edit


Jamaica Edit

Japan Edit



Korea, North Edit

Korea, South Edit

  • Craftworks
  • Hite-Jinro
  • Oriental Brewery
  • 7Brau

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Laos Edit

Latvia Edit

Liechtenstein Edit

Lithuania Edit

Luxembourg Edit

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Macedonia Edit

Madagascar Edit

Malaysia Edit

Malta Edit

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Montenegro Edit

Monaco Edit

Morocco Edit

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Namibia Edit

Windhoek Lager

Netherlands Edit

New ZealandEdit

Nigeria Edit

Northern Ireland Edit

Norway Edit

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Palestinian Territory Edit

Panama Edit

Paraguay Edit

Peru Edit

Philippines Edit

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Romania Edit

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Scotland Edit

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Slovenia Edit

South Africa

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Sri Lanka Edit

Sweden Edit

Switzerland Edit

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Taiwan Edit

Thailand Edit

Trinidad and Tobago Edit

Turkey Edit


Ukraine Edit

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United States of America Edit

Uruguay Edit

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Venezuela Edit

Vietnam Edit

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Wales Edit




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