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Bell's Amber Ale

Amber Ale

Amber ale
is the term sometimes used in North America for pale ales which range from light copper to light brown in color. A small amount of crystal or other colored malt may be added to the basic pale ale base to produce a slightly darker color, as in some Irish and British pale ales. In France the term used is Ambrée, and the hop bitterness is modest. In North America, American-variety hops are used in varying degrees of bitterness, though few examples are particularly hoppy.

The term is not used much outside France and North America, apart from North American-style brewpubs.

Commercial examples include: New Belgium Fat Tire, Mac & Jack's African Amber, Rogue American Amber, Full Sail Amber Ale, Anderson Valley's Boont Amber Ale, Pelforth Ambrée, Jenlain Ambrée, and Fischer Amber.

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