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• 1/16/2019
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• 12/21/2018


My dad is an alcoholic
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• 11/29/2018


I’m just a little kid so I don’t know if I want beer
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• 11/13/2018


Soooo many more breweries in Ohio than listed.
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• 9/6/2018

Zero Gravity Brewing

You all have to check out Zero Gravity Brewing located out of Burlington, Vermont. Born and raised right near the University of Vermont. Such an amazing, tasteful, mild IPA.
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• 7/25/2018

Need to change your info for Leinenkugel’s brewery

You need to do some changes for the beer as well as where it well as where it is sold and it’s also known as Leinies thanks
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• 10/31/2016

Almanac Beer Co labels for the win!

DKNG Design worked with Almanac earlier this year to create a new can design, and they are amazing! Check it out for yourself:
Almanac Beer Co. Cans
Almanac Beer Co. Cans DKNG
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